bridge to Spirit HavenGreetings to you!

The work weekends have been ongoing since February 2000. We have had many fine folks come out and join us on these weekends and a tremendous amount of work and development have been the result. Wonderful work is conducted in a warm, loving, fun-filled atmosphere.

Here are a few tips about the weekends that some of you may like to know. Especially those who are coming for the first time or may not have been out for a while:

The work weekends are a camping experience. You will need your usual camping equipment. In addition, it is helpful to have camp chairs. Ensure that your tent is weatherproofed! This is especially important during the rainy seasons. Sunscreen is an especially important item to bring in order protect you from overexposure to the hot sun and consequent dehydration.

stairs at Spirit HavenBecause the water is not potable (drinkable) on the land, each person attending is asked to bring at least 3 gallons of water per person. This water is usually kept in the kitchen area for cooking as well as drinking.

Each person also may decide to bring munchies (usually to share in communal circle, or for self-consumption), and their own favorite beverages. Sodas are not available so bring them with you please *tip* many people bring mead, wine, or other alcoholic beverages to share around the communal circles at night. However, alcoholic consumption during work hours is strongly discouraged due to the danger it poses to both the consumer and those working around them.

The Director of Land and Facilities and the Land Administrator are normally at the work weekends. For questions, suggestions, etc., please feel free to email us at landmanager, or landadmin.

Recommended Clothing:
During working hours the recommended clothing are pants and shirt, headcovering, gloves and safety glasses. Sturdy shoes, boots or at minimum tennis shoes are highly encouraged. Due to the high mesquite content of the area, mesquite needles can easily penetrate a thin-soled shoe. Please keep this in mind when selecting your footwear for the work weekends.

After work, clothing optional is in effect with the exception that you must wear foot protection of some sort. Mesquite and cactus needles are VERY painful! You may want to change into your most comfortable pagan or mundie attire and relax!

Waiver Roster:
The work weekends have a waiver roster which each person is expected to sign. Copies of the actual Waivers will be provided for viewing upon time of signing. The only exceptions are the "guest" sponsorships that must be originally signed for each guest and equipment waivers.

You are responsible for any non-CMA guest that is brought to a work weekend. You must sign a waiver for them and agree that you have explained the nature of CMA and expected behavior (principles of perfect love and perfect trust, and etiquette unique to the organization). Above all please stress to your guest that self -responsibility for everyone attending is expected by all attending! If your guest encounters any type of problem they are welcome and encouraged to bring it to the attention to the Director of Land and Facilities or any attending Officer at the work weekend. Please encourage them to do so immediately and not wait. Small problems could be escalated by waiting!

turkey at Spirit HavenThere is now a limit on how many weekends non-CMA guests may attend. The guest may attend a total of three work weekends, after which they must decide to either become members, or, not return to a work weekend for six months. This may sound harsh but it is a policy of the Land Director and the Land Management Group because we are after all a member organization. This rule has been instituted to protect the safety and interests of our membership. Three work weekends are deemed enough time for folks to decide whether they wish to join the organization.

Arrival times:
Please do not arrive to the Land on Fridays before the announced time. We cannot guarantee anyone will be there to let you in.

Breaks are taken as needed by the individual and called by Teamleaders

Spirit HavenYou are welcome to take a break whenever you feel you need it! We highly recommend that you go to the shade and drink LOTS of water if you feel hot, tired, or dizzy. Do not worry, the work will be there when you get back! You are NOT required to wait until a
teamleader calls break to take one. However, when a teamleader does call break it is highly recommended that you do so.

First Aid and Medical issues:
We are able to render basic first aide only. If you are seriously injured or become seriously ill, (any condition requiring more than one hour's worth of treatment) you will be asked either to go seek further medical attention (depending on ambulatory condition), or, we
will call an ambulance for you that you must pay for at your own expense. This will occur with any condition requiring more than one hour's worth of medical attention. We are do not have the ability or facilities to care for any serious medical condition.

If you are allergic to stings of any sort, please have a sting kit or the recommended medication as advised by your doctor available. If you have allergies please let the any of these people know. Medic (if available), Land Administrator, Kitchen Witches, or Team

Child Care:
We may or may not have childcare available during working hours, however, parents are responsible at all times for their own children. This means that you must feed your child, and occasionally check with the childcare provider, if available, to ensure the well being of both the volunteer, and your children. You must ensure that enough suitable clothing is brought for children taking into account climatic changes and "accidents," It is a good idea to ensure that drinks, snacks, etc., are provided so that the child care volunteer/s and children are provided for during the work hours. Please bring toys, books, etc., that might be fun for all to share.

When we do not have childcare volunteer available, parents usually, try to share child duties and help each other out to relieve stress for both the children and the parents, but parents have the primary responsibility for their own children! We are a family after all and these are the children of OUR village and everyone will try to help out if possible!

Tools Needed:
With the exception of some power tools, chainsaws, specialized construction equipment, tools are generally already available on sight. If you have a favored gardening tool, you are welcome to bring it if you wish.

Proficiency must be demonstrated with all power equipment and an equipment waiver must be signed. Check with Teamleaders or the Director of Land and Facilities for projects and to see if your particular tool may be of use.

You are welcome and indeed invited to conduct a ritual! All you need do is let us know in advance so that we may include your ritual in the work weekend planning.

Communal Camp Circle:
One of the better things about the work weekends is the communal camp circle that we share. We usually have one cauldron filled fire for the entire camp. At the campfire circle we sit and relax, get caught up on our lives, or get to know each other, sing, tell tall tales, and drum! We pass many a friendly jug of mead, wine, or whatever tickles our fancy at the moment. We dance, we sleep, and we sometimes hold ritual. This is the heart of our weekend family! It is open to all to come and enjoy. Drum, sing, talk, or relax! All are welcome to the fire!

Work Weekend Sponsorships:
If your group or coven would like to help sponsor work weekend I.e. cook meals, conduct ritual, donate funds, please email us with the date of desired weekend at Land Admin, or Land Manager.

Equipment Donations:
Please email Land Manager before making the donation.

We look forward to seeing you out there! Work weekends are not a place just to come
work; work weekends are a place where we come together as a community to work magick!